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The winners of our first round have been announced, click here to view the winning policies.

If you are working in a government organisation or an NGO and wish to submit a policy problem please click “Submit a policy problem”. If you are a university student please visit the “Current policy problems” page, where you can submit policy ideas.

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About us

Alight was created as an entry for the Global Challenges Programme 2020-21 run by the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. The big question this year was:

“How can we achieve policies that are evidence-informed, in a timely and appropriate way to enable more effective responses to global crises?”


Our idea is to create a website which acts as an interface between global crises-related policy problems and crowdsourced policy solutions, which are reviewed/rated by experts in the field.

Crowdsourcing is more than just an idea generation tool; studies show that it can “empower citizens, create legitimacy for the government with the people, and enhance the effectiveness of public services and goods” (Liu 2017). For successful crowdsourcing, studies advise agencies to clearly define their problems and objectives (Mergel and Bretschneider 2013; Ye and Kankanhalli 2015). On our platform experts/officials can voluntarily submit policy problems, and rate and review policy solutions submitted by students. Our decision to open up the policy review process to all interested experts in the relevant fields, instead of a select few, is to encourage diversity in opinion. Our decision to distribute prize money to the students who submit the best policies is also backed by evidence. Firstly, it means participants treat the crowdsourcing project as a job, since they “can expect rewards for their effort” (Kaufmann, Schulze, and Veit 2011). Secondly it helps “attract the public’s attention” (Liu 2017).

Contact us

Global Challenges Programme Team 2
Andrew Lane: asl20@st-andrews.ac.uk
Karthik K Narayanan: kkn1@st-andrews.ac.uk

Phone:+44 (0)1334 47 6161